We offer a peaceful, natural, and flavorful holiday experience.

ensoinn welcomes guests amidst the historical ambiance of Kayaköy, offering a serene and tranquil escape nestled in nature. We provide an unforgettable holiday experience with rich flavors, wellness activities, and natural beauty. Embark on this unique journey with us for moments of tranquility.


Kayaköy is a captivating village with a rich history and natural beauty. Once a historic Greek settlement, this area exudes a mystical ambiance with its stone houses and serene atmosphere. Walking through its streets feels like embarking on a journey intertwined with history. Ensoinn hotel offers a tranquil stay right in the heart of this unique atmosphere.

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ensoGarden Restaurant & Bar

Our meticulously designed restaurant considers every detail to offer our guests an unforgettable dining experience. We accept reservations for guests to experience our delicious meals in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
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