Our hotel aims to provide guests with a memorable holiday experience by offering various activities. Discover mental and physical balance through yoga camps, explore nature on horseback, or enjoy breathtaking views with paragliding. Indulge in serene moments during nature walks or relish in the sea on warm summer days. Each activity is filled with unforgettable moments to make our guests’ vacations special.

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Yoga Camp
Our yoga camp offers guests the opportunity to achieve mental and physical balance, providing relaxation and rejuvenation.
Horseback Riding
Explore nature through horseback riding with professional guides.
Discover unique natural beauties while experiencing tranquil moments amidst the sounds of nature.
Enjoy the unique scenery and the thrill of freedom with paragliding.
Scuba Diving
Discover hidden beauties in clear waters with the scuba diving experience.
ATV Tour
Our ATV tours offer an unforgettable adventure along thrilling nature trails.
Jeep Safari
Embark on a journey into nature’s depths with Jeep Safari, discovering unexplored beauties.
Get ready for an exciting sea adventure with a speedboat, experiencing speed and fun together.

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